Process Improvement & Organizational Maturity

Many agencies today have seen the wisdom of operating their enterprise in more holistic fashion to achieve mission success. They also know they will be asked to demonstrate measurable improvements, year over year. Getting there entails managing their processes, products, customers, suppliers, and services using integrative methodologies.

One key approach is through process optimization. Effective processes assist your organization’s workforce to meet business objectives by helping them work more efficiently, with improved consistency and fewer issues. Solid processes also provide a foundation for introducing new technologies in ways that can best meet measurement targets or emerging business needs.

While Pretek Citizant has been traveling the road towards process maturity and excellence itself, we have also been assisting customers to do the same. We can provide a common improvement framework, based on real experience, against which different dimensions of maturity can be assessed. Our customers have found the objectivity of an outside vendor can be invaluable in skirting internal politics, exposing the end-to-end process structure, aligning process with organizational goals, and affecting real change. In this way, going beyond process optimization, we are able to help agencies attain their desired holistic organizational focus.

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Agile & DevSecOps Transformation

Traditional software development lifecycles have their place. But, organizations looking to quickly respond to ever-changing requirements need an approach that facilitates addressing emergent requests at the pace in which they arrive. It’s not just a matter of speed for the sake of going fast. It is a quest for a methodology to ensure success. The Agile approach is an iterative lifecycle that provides both users and stakeholders more opportunity to get timely feedback and, thus, improve their chances of delivering the most useful products possible. This methodology is capable of reducing unanticipated “features” and “fixes” that can derail delivery schedules and drive up the overall costs of any project.

Complementing Agile is DevSecOps methodology. It is not possible to achieve success –even when work can be accomplished quickly– without an end-to-end secure environment. Ritualized compliance checks, made along the way, and at the end of the complete lifecycle, ensure development and operational environments remain secure. Early implementation of security approaches and attendant compliance checks ensure a better code base with stronger overall security posture. Pretek Citizant’s DevSecOps experience with implementation and automation of processes will not only allow you to develop more efficiently, but will also strengthen your software, ensuring delivery of products are on time, secure and positioned for continual evolution, as is often demanded. We are able to help agencies with transformation necessary to achieve the well-engineered and resilient development and operational environments necessary for today’s world.

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Enterprise Data Management

As organizations expand and grow, they face the daunting challenge of what to do with all their disparate forms of data and how to leverage that data so that it best serves everyone in the organization. The problem is often the compounded by the numerous stakeholders, including IT, finance, operations and executives, all with different needs and ways they consume and utilize the data. With the increasing velocity of new data being created, organizations can quickly become overwhelmed and awash in data that is often siloed by consumer. The solution to these challenges starts with a comprehensive Enterprise Data Management strategy that addresses end-to-end ingestion, transformation, storage, analytics, reporting and archiving. Every organization’s data — and goals for that data — vary greatly but the need for a comprehensive approach to managing data is consistent across all organizations. The benefits of taking a holistic approach to data are numerous and include lowered overall cost, risk, and downtime as well as improved analytical and reporting opportunities. Our approach has helped clients with crafting and implementing comprehensive data strategies and solutions that serve the entire organization. We are able to help them meeting data management goals and vastly improve organizational capabilities and efficiencies.

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